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MEQanix - Medical Equipment Planning:

Any Windows 10 computer can use MEQanix as local database synchronized to our MSSQL cloud-based data repository.  We take care of keeping your FF&E data backed up and syncronized across your users allowing you to impress your clients by providing faster, more accurate information without stressing you out!

All data resides both locally for immediate access as well as cloud-based for easy syncing whenever you are online.  This provides backup redundancy and allows multiple users on the same project stay up-to-date with the latest information.

MEQanix is ready to go with dozens and dozens (and dozens) of FF&E parameters for Planning, Procurement, and Activation efforts.  While we focus on the information, you focus on the management.  And together we provide BIM for medical equippment planning.

Custom Facility Database Interface:

Our custom facility applications provide for synchronization to a  MSSQL cloud-based data repository.  Based on Windows 10, allows for multi-user access and Project Team can customize as needed.

We tie the database directly to the FM model environment for seamless maintenance and operations tasks. Full report-out functionality, exportable and printable to PDF format

Our custom dashboard interface is built with your input for ease of use and accessibility. Secure, permission and role-based assignments to help manage your Team's tasks and needs.