Single Source Data Entry for Asset Management!

Updated: Jun 8

Disparate System Data - A Common Problem:

Asset information defined during project design is entered into numerous systems before the equipment is in use for operations. Each time the information is touched, there are opportunities for data entry errors as well as additional labor costs.

Client Story:

Children’s Hospital Colorado is one of the leading providers of pediatric healthcare in the United States. As they continue to expand their presence along the Front Range, they have recently built new hospitals in Colorado Springs and Broomfield. Intemation’s medical equipment asset management platform, MEQanix , was used for the design planning, procurement and turn-over of the equipment in both facilities. With over 20,000 assets between both projects there was a significant opportunity to save time and increase data turn-over accuracy through information re-use.

Our Solution:

Intemation’s asset management platform allows information to be defined once, then used multiple times during the project as the equipment is purchased, installed and finally placed into operations. Working with the Owner and Facility Team's, we were able to select, procure and install over 9,000 assets, build out a single database and save them over 1,400 hours in end-user data entry!

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