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Our Mission

Providing Solutions to the Owner Team through the Connected Data Environment, leveraging digital twin development through smart dashboards and centralized data analysis via a secure, single entry point to Owner and Facility Teams.


Application Development

Intemations custom application let's us aggregate all models, PDF documentation (Sheet Sets, O&Ms, Cut Sheets, Specs) and most importantly, data sets of assets into a single user entry point.

Accessing your site's information when you need it and how you want it is key within our platform.


Technology Integrations

Integration to your existing applications via the API allows Intemation to connect existing data leveraging the tools your team is used to using day-to-day. HoloBuilder, Construction Cloud, Matterport, Leica and more!

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Record Modeling

The heart of a Connected Data Environment is often the models derived from the design and construction processes.  We create Record Models of each of these phases of a project, each discipline and provide a centralized Record Model.  We connect this to the Data Sets in our platform as well, allowing you to see the spatial relationships while providing a Record for all future renovations

Paper Artwork

Modeling Standards

We work with the teams early on to establish standards for successful data integration at turn-over.  Essentially starting with what the Owner needs at the End of a project.

This consistency in 3D modeling aligns all teams toward the same end goal of comprehensive data integration within the Intemation application.


Content Development

Content Development is our process of providing 3D, parametric elements for the Record Model environment.  This allows for clean parameter data points which assist in the data normalization process as turn-over approaches.

Additionally, the end result of Record Models is clean, render-able and allows the models to be used across many use cases; presentations, asset location, reporting. 

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